Vision, Mission, Purpose, Principles & Values

At Magnet Solutions our sole focus is healthcare accounts receivables resolution. Our professional, courteous, and customer service focused approach to account resolution is what drives our success. We combine a thorough understanding of our clients’ mission statements, code of ethics, and standards with our own philosophies to create a highly effective and compassionate methodology.


We are the preeminent resource for seeing the needs and strategically planning for implementation of profitable Healthcare Accounts Receivable Management solutions.




To develop and improve our relationships with leading healthcare organizations in order to identify their needs and offer beneficial leading edge Accounts Receivables Management (ARM) solutions.




To provide consulting, continuing education, and ARM services to leading healthcare organizations. This results in improved profits, production, and image for our clients, which allows all members of both organizations to improve their lives through diversification, expansion and appropriate profitability.



Principles & Values

We are customer driven, with a “servant’s heart,” we have ethical motives, and we always operate as an honest and friendly company.