Staff Development

Customer service is the foundation of Magnet Solutions’ success.  Our Patient Account Representatives receive comprehensive training on the entire revenue cycle.  We believe that our success depends on understanding the bigger picture and avoiding working in silos.  Our Reps are trained to treat every patient with the utmost respect and to provide them with a dignified experience while working to resolve their balances.  We recognize that account resolution can take many forms.  We work with each client to define which forms are acceptable under their self-pay policies and train specifically on their policies.  Your reputation is as important to you as ours is to us.  We will never perform in a manner that puts either one in jeopardy. 

One of the most significant demands we place on our Reps is professional certification.  The American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management (AAHAM) provides a comprehensive and detailed set of certifications for revenue cycle staff and managers.  The Certified Revenue Cycle Specialist – Institutional (Hospital) or Professional (Clinic), (CRCS-I, CRCS-P) certifications give our team a greater understanding of the entire revenue cycle, which improves their success in communication with patients.  We believe that adherence to these certification standards separates our staff from the crowd.  As a result, certification within the first year of employment is a requirement for all Patient Account Representatives.