Charity Identification Support

Whether you are able to identify it on the front end and account for it in your billing process or it needs to be identified after patient discharge, charity is an important tool in the revenue cycle process.  With Magnet Solutions providing your self-pay account management, there is no reason for your team to spend time sending out and compiling charity applications before evaluating an account for charity. 

Our team of professional Patient Account Representatives will engage the patient and assess a patient’s ability to pay using a regionally adjusted questionnaire.  When appropriate, our reps will send out your charity application and compile the returned documentation and evaluate it for completeness.  Only then will we forward the complete packet to you for evaluation and a charity determination. 

If your system does not utilize a charity scrubbing product today, we can help.  We have partnered with one of the top database firms in the country in order to supply this service to our clients.  We will evaluate six months of historical data specific to your facility in order to create a custom model for you. Upon completion, we will scrub your self-pay at Day 1 in order to identify potential charity candidates based upon the criteria you have set.  Once these files are flagged, we will work together to develop specific treatments for these accounts in order to streamline the process.