Your reputation in the community and within your patient population is your most valuable asset.


However,  as you  know, the  impact  on your  reputation  does not  end  with a  patient’s   discharge

from your care. We at Magnet Solutions understand this, as do our strategic partners.  We know  the

patient’s post discharge experience will frame their entire view of your facility and impact their loyalty. 

 Tripod Graphic 8-5-16

By partnering with Magnet Solutions, you will benefit from our years of experience, professionally certified staff and our commitment to invest in our industry’s latest technology; all focused on one thing, providing a customer service experience which will leave your patients delighted and loyal to your facility.  Since we focus solely on self-pay accounts, we are able to provide a high level of expertise in ways to work with your patients to achieve a mutually acceptable resolution to their balances.  If you are looking for innovative ways to optimize your self-pay performance, while improving the patient experience, we invite you to contact us.